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  PCCW Quick Quotes User Agreement

1.)  The Quick Quotes on-line quoting system has been developed for the convenience of Port City Cabinet Works customers. Only those individuals who have been authorized by Port City Cabinet Works to use the system may have access.

2.)  Authorized users may not share their Quick Quotes user I.D. and passwords with non-authorized users, or in any way grant non-authorized users access to Quick Quotes.

3.)  Users may not share information contained in the Quick Quotes section of the website with individuals outside of their company without Port City Cabinet Works written approval.

4.)  Quotations obtained through this web site are subject to final review and acceptance by Port City Cabinet Works and are not legally binding.

5.)  Port City Cabinet Works reserves the right to deny and/or terminate access to the Quick Quotes section
of this web site.

Users/organizations that violate this agreement may be subject to legal action.

Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of this web site for additional user policies.