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For our customer's convenience, Port City Cabinet Works has developed some innovative approaches to obtaining a quotation as well as some of the more traditional methods:

  • PCCW Quick Quotes by Fax Form - These faxable forms make obtaining a quotation for most motor slot wedges, filler strip, and pole collars quick and easy. Simply download the PDF files or print these helpful forms directly from this website.

  • PCCW Quick Quotes On-line - This feature of our web site calculates a quotation for common motor insulation components almost instantaneously. This feature is currently being revised. Current registered users can still obtain estimates on-line, but must print and fax quotations or orders for acknowledgement to: 713-673-7218. The "submit via the internet" feature is currently disabled. We are not accepting new users at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please call our customer service desk if you require assistance with a quotation: 1-800-847-6056.

  • Contact Us (E-mail, phone, fax, or mail) - Customers can always give us a call, drop us an e-mail, or fax us with a description of their requirements and/or ship us a sample part.













Registered users can get instantaneous quotes for pole collars, wedges, and filler strips right from this web site. (Quick Quotes is currently being revised, and we are not accepting new users at this time.)

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The information on the login ID application is for Port City Cabinet Works (PCCW) use only and will remain confidential. PCCW reserves the right to deny access to the online quoting system.



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